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March 8th is International Women's Day

Not a celebration, but a moment to remember social, political and economic female gender achievements, as well as the battles fought to make people hear their voices.

In a working world linked to metalworking, which has usually been a male prerogative and which still suffers from the prejudices that the "fair sex" is not suitable for this heavy work, T.P.A. consciously adds a touch of pink to his team every year.

Women's quotas in an mechanical industry can not only be a resource, but also an added value: the female vision contribution to this type of industry is invaluable, and enhancing it is the key to help a company to stand out on the market. From what we have seen over the years, the female perspective not only can help on practical aspects, from productivity to administration, thanks to greater scrupulousness and precision, but also on relationships, thanks to greater ability to listen, insight and mediation.


Give women the right opportunities and they are capable of everything.


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