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Our thirty years experience allows us to meet customer needs, helping in new products development  and giving advise to find the best working solution.

Over the years we made consolidated relationships with local companies that compensate for our production, such as surface treatments, insulation, etc.

That's why we are able to guarantee to the customer versatility, customization and an custom made product.


Our piority is product’s quality.

We follow ISO 9001 requirements for all our processes,

we choose with care our raw material and suppliers, we use advaced machinery for our production, we take care about our customer from the project's beginning to delivery, so to be a reliable partner.


Our strenght is the constant research in technological innovation and staff training. During these years, our need to stay up to date and the people investments has made T.P.A. grow constantly.

            In 30 years of activity we specialized in mechanical workings, mainly for to the pipe, but not                        forgetting about the sheet. Over the years we developed a laser cutting line and a well-equipped range of machinery able to cope all out needs. 

Heating, Automotive, Renewable Energy, Furniture, these are just some of our production sectors.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Why? Because with some customers we made T.P.A.'s history, without them, who believed us first, when we were only 3 small craftsmen, we would have not become the well structured company we are today.





Toniolo Gianni, Renato Cervellin, Bellin Franco

heads of T.P.A. srl


We leave anything to chance

Customers at the first place

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

We know that in today highly competitive market, providing an excellent product isn't enough.

This is why we are working hard to become a streamlined and flexible organization, capable of promptly responding to market needs and support quality improvement.

Steel the World

Our ambition is to be identified as the best partner to collaborate with: a quality product, a system that works, a thirty-year history behind it, ideas and an innovative mentality are the values we believe in.

Our slogan STEEL THE WORLD in our view means "T.P.A. makes the world in steel ".

Many things in the world are made of steel and working it is our job so we want to be part of the history of this world. We to keep up with a changing world, transforming the new challenges into opportunities.


We stand in front of our customers and collaborators with loyalty and transparency. These principles are the basis for establishing a valid and lasting relationship over time.


T.P.A. always focuses on human relationships without affecting the personal and professional dignity.

It is essential Valuing the resources of the individual, so to promote a climate of collaboration within the company.


Act with constancy and firmness by respecting company principles, demonstrate words with deeds.


Our History

Our Team

Our Team

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