Our production ranges from medium to large series, with manual but also fully automated equipment, with machinery and technologies always up to date, however without renouncing those dated but irreplaceable equipment. Thanks to our large range of machinery and the numerous processes that ensue, we guarantee to the customer versatility, customization and an ad hoc product, even for "not-standard" items or with special finishes, satisfying aesthetic and design needs.



Stainless Steel

Stainless steel components are used in many sectors we work for, from heating to food.

Some of the most kind of stainless steel used are:

  • 1.4350

  • 1.4401


For this kind of material we can guarantee all the processes  from our production.


T.P.A. works several kind of aluminiun, both in sheet and pipe way, which characteristics are dictated by the customer's needs and the processing.

For this type of material we can carry out the processing of:

  • laser cutting

  • turning

  • milling, drilling

  • bending and forming tube

  • molding and cutting of sheets

Plastic Material

Some plastic materials we can process are:

  • PVC

  • Nylon

  • Plexyglass


For which we can carry out the processing of:

  • turning

  • milling, drilling

  • thread

  • bending

Brass, Copper, Bronze...

Our production is able to meet requests for non-ordinary materials, with the processing of:

  • turning

  • milling

  • milling, drillin

  • thread

  • bending



The use of other kind of material is to be evaluated with our technical office for the processes' feasibility.



Thanks to the variety of our processes, we are able to guarantee the customer a wide range of products.

  • Manifolds for boilers

  • Components for thermal power plants

  • Components for plumbing and heating systems

  • Hydraulic separators and dirt separators with filter

  • Display units for shops

  • Furnishing components

  • Custom support brackets

  • Sheet metal structures for pellet stoves

  • Laser-cut pipes on drawing

  • Complementary fittings

  • Turned trees