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Experience and Tecnology

Since 1990


choice of

raw materiale

We carefully select our suppliers after a careful evaluation of product and service:

each incoming raw material is subjected to conformity checks and the first supply is examined throughout the production cycle so to respect the expected quality standard.

Our partners must guarantee us quality raw materials , reliability and consistency.

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Innovative Technologies

To innovate means first of all to induce a concrete, real, useful, positive change in the life of people, businesses and society. Every year we invest in the enhancement of our equipment by researching emerging technologies and technical innovations that can bring improvement to our production, quality and service.

Innovation is creation of value.


Quality ISO 9001

ISO 9000 identify a series of regulations and guidelines developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) which define the requirements for the realization of a quality management system.


T.P.A. has implemented an organizational system whose requirements respect these standards.

The requirements are applied to all business processes, from commercial to purchase management, to production, etc.

The quality management system ensures that the effectiveness and efficiency of product creation and service delivery are improved, so to obtain and increase customer satisfaction.

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